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  • Jesse Dvorak

It Doesn't Matter if No Believes in You. This Does.

It doesn't matter if no one believes in your vision.

It matters if YOU DO.

I was at a party in North Hollywood...

It was a mix of actors, writers, and folks with "normie" jobs (as some in the LA scene phrase it).

I got into one conversation with guy who knew I was a filmmaker. He apparently liked my style and wanted to share an idea with me.

His wife was an actress while he was holding down a 9-5 corporate job, but he wanted to talk to me about how he was exploring his creative side.

I listened to a premise about robots in space or something. I could tell he was really excited by the idea...

Although I actually love robots, space, & science fiction, my path was taking me towards drama.

His sci-fi concept wasn't totally resonating with me, but I love people who are passionate, especially when they are exploring their creative side...

So I encouraged him to write it. Get it down on paper, or at least a treatment to help form the vision and pitch others.

I was basically saying, "Awesome. Go for it!"... but then I realized that's not what he wanted.

He wanted for me to take his idea and run with it. His countenance dropped.

The conversation's momentum died down from there and the night went on.​This happens all the time though.​Someone has some great idea they want to tell me about.

I can listen and affirm it, but their energy is waiting for me to set things in motion for them, or give them some feeling of approval.

And honestly, I've done this to others at times as well in my younger years.

There's a big difference between looking for encouragement or contributing ideas - in contrast to have someone to do the work for you.

A ruder version of myself would have said, "Dude, I got my own sh*t to write! Why would I write yours unless you pay me to do it?"

His unspoken proposal had an underscore of fear and insecurity.​Of course all of us artists have our doubts, but the belief and hope overpowers them time after time.​That desperate energy is felt from others no matter how much confidence you may project.

If deep down, you don't have faith in your vision, then others will resonate with that lack of faith and doubt you every step of the way.

Confidence is a powerful energetic frequency.

Going deeper...

A lot of the big ideas people have are rooted in external validation.

Hollywood is ripe with such people pursuing their greatness, not for a love of the art or craft.

They are chasing the expensive car that has their sense of glory behind the wheel.​You can say you want to be a great artist or entrepreneur, but if the pursuit of that isn't rooted in something true, then you will feel empty even when reaching a so-called summit.

The thing you want may not be the thing your soul truly desires. And if it fails, would the price paid still be worth it?​​

There is an alternative.

​​Imagine getting EVERYTHING you dream.

Sit in that for a moment.


​Now what? Are you fulfilled? Why or why not?​Perhaps what you dream of having is merely a symbol... 🏆

for being proud of yourself, for manifesting your talents, accomplishing something difficult, or proving someone else wrong.​But now you are getting clear on the real, possibly unconscious agenda.

The creative project you are striving to build may just be an avenue to reach an emotional state.​

All of which can be accessed in the here and now.​Alternatively, we've seen the "success story" too many times of people at the top cannibalizing themselves and their empire because of the pain that drives them.

But I try to be more generous than that.

I believe most art comes from a pure spirit, and most aspiring creatives are struggling with the ability to express that pure essence from within themselves.

So I'm wondering what's holding so many people back.

Why after years of talking about a cool idea to acquaintances at parties... nothing materializes?

Just waiting. Hoping.

​I want to see you flourish and succeed, but not at the cost of your soul.

So tune into that motivation first, and get clear.

If that springs up a well of unstoppable energy towards a vision, then dive into that belief and GO AFTER IT.

It's not for anyone else. It's yours.

Jesse Dvorak. Artist / Film. Music. Photo.

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